Seeking new tank setup advice

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Seeking new tank setup advice

Postby BoughtAMarineTank » Tue Dec 31, 2013 12:40 am

Hi everyone,

I’m new to the forum and relatively inexperienced when it comes to keeping a marine tank.

A few months back I moved house and needed to keep a hermit crab, a 4 inch coral lobster and a Blue Tang somewhere after breaking my tank during the move. My parents had a 60L “all in one” tank sitting around. Not having much option I filled the tank 2/3 with live rock and made use of the powerhead and top trickle filter which I filled with rock. The live rock isn’t immersed in water and is sprayed instead sprayed with water returning to the tank. There is a circulation fan running and the tank also has about 1 to 2 inches of live sand taken from my old tank. I never run the overhead lights as there is more than enough natural light to see into the tank during the day. This was supposed to be a temporary setup but 4 months later all three residents are thriving and ultra-friendly (albeit with not much swim room IMHO).

Not being able to sleep at night knowing that the inhabitants live in the equivalent of a cupboard which they can’t ever leave I went and purchased a new tank for my parents which is also an all in one.

After doing a little reading online about setups which do not have a skimmer or sump I discovered that perhaps the method I stumbled into is called the Berlin Method. It’s something that I would like to stick with on the bigger tank by doing the following:

- The dimensions are 120 x 45 x 60H cm
- Overhead trickle filter will have 1 inch thick Marine Pure slabs which are sprayed with water returning to the tank from the original powerhead.
- Fluval 406 canister with Poly-Filter and MarinePure (not sure whether to run charcoal)
- 1cm of course coral sand
- 2 x 800 gallon circulation fans
- As much rock as I can get my hands on (1/3 of the tank would be good)
- No running lights, just natural light (there is plenty of light in the room it’s in throughout the day – not direct sunlight though)
- Stock wise the lobster, hermit crab and Tang will stay. I’ll probably add a few snails so that they keep the viewing surface in check to some degree and we’ll probably add a Goby and 4 Blacktail Humbugs. That’s it.

If anyone would like to provide some feedback on this setup it will be appreciated because currently I do not know whether the small tank setup can easily be scaled up to suit a larger tank without encountering any issues along the way.

Also does anyone know where I can get a lot of affordable rock from anywhere in Vic?

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